The Anglers, Walton on Thames

We used to live in Walton on Thames and up until I did so, I didn’t know a lot about the area. When I met my husband he was living there and I was living in Clapham Old Town. We decided to move to Walton on Thames rather than Clapham and the rest is history. I (obviously) love this part of the world and whilst we no longer live in Walton, it’s close to where we do and will always have a special place in my heart.

Along the banks of the Thames sit a variety of pubs and The Anglers is one of my favorites. You can request a table either outside or in and the pub is paw-friendly. We took a table inside and Arthur loved it (and the attention). The staff are super friendly and were very attentive to Arthur. They currently have a great one-way system in place and an app where you can order and pay for your drinks and food directly and they will bring it directly to the table.

The pub is open from 11.00 am and food is served from 12.00 pm.

For more information and booking – head here.

Address: Manor Road, Walton on Thames, KT12 2PF (Map here)


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